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Dreary 2

Voramar Disco 9 Comments


  1. Douzahn says:
    Wasted Nights Just Drinkin Metros x Dreary - Duration: 2 minutes, 20 seconds. views; 8 months ago; This item has been hidden. Language: English Location: United States.
  2. Akinolrajas says:
    dreary: 1 adj lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise “a series of dreary dinner parties” Synonyms: drab dull lacking in liveliness or animation adj causing dejection Synonyms: blue, dark, dingy, disconsolate, dismal, drab, drear, gloomy, grim, sorry cheerless, depressing, uncheerful causing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy.
  3. Mizil says:
    dreary meaning: 1. boring and making you feel unhappy: 2. boring and making you feel unhappy: 3. unattractive and. Learn more.
  4. Juramar says:
    May 19,  · dreary (comparative drearier or more dreary, superlative dreariest or most dreary) Drab; dark, colorless, or cheerless. It had rained for three days straight, and the dreary weather dragged the townspeople's spirits down. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.
  5. Arashirg says:
    Jan 24,  · (poetic) Dreary. , William Blake, Earth's Answer, lines Earth raised up her head From the darkness dread and drear, , James Thomson, The City of Dreadful Night I spoke, perplexed by something in the signs Of desolation I had seen and heard In this drear pilgrimage to ruined shrines: , A. E. Housman, Last Poems, XXVIII, lines Now.
  6. Faesho says:
    +3 sentence examples: 1. What makes life dreary is the want of motive. 2. She was tired of hearing the same dreary tale of drunkenness and violence. 3. What makes life dreary is the want of a motive. 4. She had spent another dreary day in the offi.
  7. Zudal says:
    Synonyms of dreary in English: dreary. See definition of dreary. adjective. 1 ‘another dreary day at school.
  8. Samugore says:
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  9. Gozshura says:
    1 gloomy, dismal, drear, cheerless, depressing, comfortless. 2 tedious, monotonous, wearisome, tiresome.

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