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If Only

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  1. Tygogar says:
    Only if they win two will the issue be resolved before the final afternoon - and it will be difficult for a tiring squad. Times, Sunday Times () In cold father - adolescent pairs, the two stayed together only if they were enjoying themselves.
  2. Zugore says:
    Ah, if only we had clarinets too! • A compelling performance consequence can always be found, if only you choose to find, communicate, and manage toward it. if only if only spoken used to express a strong wish If only he’d call! → only Examples from the Corpus if only • He may have survived if only he could have found it. • Oh, if.
  3. Takree says:
    If only and only if are similar expressions that are used in different ways. If only expresses a hope or wish: If only I had a real choice in the matter. She needed to get away from her job if only for a week.
  4. Tukree says:
    if only I wish (that). If only I had left the house 10 minutes earlier, I would have gotten to the store before they closed! A: "So, will you be going on any exotic vacations this summer?" B: "If only!" See also: if if only I wish that. For example, If only I had known you were coming I would have met your plane, or If only it would snow on Christmas.
  5. Fenrizuru says:
    If only I knew what my heart was telling me Don't know what I'm feeling Is this just a dream? Uh oh If only I could read the signs in front of me I could find the way to who I'm meant to be, uh oh If only, yeah If only, yeah If only, yeah If only, if only If only.
  6. Viramar says:
    IfOnly curates exclusive and inaccessible experiences with the world’s top talents in music, sports, entertainment, fashion, art, adventure and more, with a portion of each transaction being donated to charity. At IfOnly, we believe that true luxury is not another item or thing, but rather the extraordinary experiences we remember and share.
  7. Dora says:
    Some more phrases from our dictionary similar to if only. if it ain't broke, don't fix it if you ask me if it's all the same if it's not one thing it's another if need be if the cap fits if the shoe fits if pigs had wings they would fly if you can't stand the heat.
  8. Mezill says:
    Jul 31,  · “If Only” is a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants. The song is performed by Dove Cameron who plays Mal, the daughter .

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