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Lucifers Sister

Bajind Rock 9 Comments


  1. Kazraran says:
    "Ariel is Lucifer's youngest sister, the youngest of all his siblings actually." Maze reveals, looking up, trying to decide what to say next, "You'll have to ask Lucifer for the details, but he was what you'd consider a teenager when Ariel came into being, and at the time things between his parents were far .
  2. Nakasa says:
    Lucifer was sitting behind his piano in his penthouse. His fingers dancing on the ivory keys, desperately trying to forget killing his brother with his sister's blade. The blade that whippes every soul out of existence. No heaven, no hell, just into nothing. Lucifer was grieving although he wasn't pleased having that feeling. He was the devil.
  3. Tucage says:
    Imagine you (reader) are Lucifer’s little sister and flee to Castiel for help once the Apocalypse starts. A/N: Not exactly what she asked for, but the prompt was really open so I just went for it.
  4. Dikree says:
    Oct 19,  · Previously, Charlyne Yi (House) guest-starred in one of Season 3’s “bonus” episodes as Lucifer’s sister Azrael, aka Rae-Rae. (Originally designed .
  5. Aragrel says:
    1 day ago · Assured of that, Lucifer turned his fiery gaze on Malcolm, who just put his hands up in a gesture of surrender as a wicked grin curved the Devil's lips. "All right, My Lord," the demon got out. "If you want to throw me into the pit, I won't fight you. Go ahead. It's something I deserve." Lucifer nodded and started to advance on him, then froze.
  6. Kishura says:
    Satan or Lucifer is a being directly created by God. All the angels, fallen or otherwise are. They have no mother. Therefore, as we understand it, they have no brothers or sisters. Frankly, despite the appearance of gender in Scripture, I doubt they are He and She in any normal sense of the word. There are in fact no female angels listed in the Bible.
  7. Tojasho says:
    Sienna accompanied the teenager. The girl was clad in a completely different outfit from her elder sister's. Sienna had long grown accustomed to her strange clothing. 'Long grown' being four years of her short five years of life. The dress made of animal fur is thick, but is useless if it fails to cover her skin.
  8. Akinojora says:
    Instead of only lending half an ear while thinking of other things, Lucifer actually paid attention and listened to Ella talking about her work. He had to admit that his sister Azrael had a point. Ella was incredibly smart, kindhearted to a fault, and talkative to the point of almost being annoying.
  9. Shakak says:
    Amenadiel is the eldest child of God and Goddess. As an angel child, he played with his siblings, however, he and the other older children often excluded Uriel from their activities. All of his siblings admired and looked up to him. Like his siblings, Amenadiel loyally serves daytancobahrelampostbumhackliftdure.xyzinfo appearance: "Pilot".

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